'Old School' House Music
So you’re at a club dancing away, and that awkward moment occurs when the next song comes on and you don’t know it, or it is really not worth dancing to: Like in the movie 'Step Up', when heart-throb Channing Tatum is awkwardly standing in the middle of the dance floor, scratching his head. But this time no one else is dancing. They’re all doing the same thing; death glaring at the clueless DJ, who’s on the stage crazing around like a baboon, pretending to flick switches on top of a premade mix, that he conveniently slipped into the CD drive.  

Songs that really annoy me are the ones that sound like a broken record and it doesn’t vary. It literally remains the same, monotone and even more dreary than the voice of Julia Gillard on a conference call. Give a wooden spoon and an ice-cream tub to a 2-year-old and he'd make better music
Ok. I think I've made my point clear. Moving on.


...TO THE BAR!!” (Where it officially becomes the designated socialising area to escape the horrid music, as opposed to a queue). So when you’re not doing that, or lining up for 2 hours to go to the bathroom, or trying to find your friend who you lost in the crowd- that’s when you start noticing all the other joys and wonders of the clubbing experience;

Drunken underage girls, walking around with a metre of toilet paper stuck to their heel. 30-year-old men with receding hairlines, waiting by the bar to make their first move.  Couples making out on old vomit-stained couches. Some scrawny dweeb trying to save the girl from the grinding guy on the DF, but ends up with a fist through his freshly de-fogged glasses. (“Cough Cough. The 'grinding guy' was her boyfriend.”)

Such a sad and predictable world we live in!

Speaking of sad…What about those bands with their tattoo sleeves and goatees who cover songs like Avril Lavinge and Destiny’s Child? …SPARE ME. You guys need to tuck in your skirt and match your appearance to your performance! You would have to notice you’re an epic
F.A.I.L when the DJ starts up again and everyone cheers, like the bartenders have just announced a ½ price happy hour. 

So do you see just how important GOOD music is!?! Better yet...OLD SCHOOL! When you are guaranteed to scream and run to the DF with your hands in the air!...Now that’s a distraction to a good cause! 

Now I’m not talking about the ‘old old school’ stuff, like the cliché robot, chicken dance and MC Hammer Time. To all you Gen Y’s out there, I’m referring to the late 90’s and 00’s house music like
Daft Punk, David Guetta, Benny Benassi, TV Rock and The Presets. (And yes! Us Gen Y’s refer to anything from up to even 1-2 years ago as, old school.)

You know you’ve had a good night when you walk up to the taxi bay like you’ve got rocks in your shoes, you get home at 5am looking like a hooker and you crash land onto your bed, ears still ringing from the last song of the night.

Long live old school house!!!




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