'Old School' House Music
Attention all future music video producers and artist sensations! 

Please. STOP. With the cliche, predictable, corny music clips to a good track! (therefore ruining the innocent mental video clip i have in my head when i listen to it, turning it into an abominable mess of gold digging barbie dolls and ghettos 'getting up and shakin that thang' by the side of a pool at a party. Of course with those red american cups that we all want to get hold of!)
Lets not forget the male spectators filled with testosterone sitting down casually, fist to their mouth, smiling and high-fiving their male associates! all good and well for the entertainment of OTHER male spectators sitting at home watching it, also filled with testosterone....but a shame 60% of the time its not a reality for the one-hit-wonders, but instead a sad fantasy. (Common in the eyes of most wanna-be P.I.M.P's). 
In Michael Jackson's words, 'think of the children!' (Not in his controversial context)...but I'm referring to the fact that my 5 year old cousin is reciting lyrics and 'shaking her thang' to Eminem and Akon; Entertaining, yet disturbing, due to me at age 5 knowing nothing but the fact that Clag isn't yoghurt and should not be put in your mouth, but instead, onto paper. 

Please. STOP. With the cliche lonesome guy walking in slow motion down the street and lip syncing (dreadfully might I add), with his hands in his pockets, looking directly into the camera lens and ignoring the hustle and bustle of the city around him. Its all been done before. 
I do get it....theres only so much you can do to make sure it relates to the message in the song, but what happened to the whole meaning of creativity?  
Theres plenty of music videos on this site that have become accustomed to this tradition. Have a look for yourself! However, there are some video clips I absolutely LOVE to watch over and over again. I especially like the ones which have a story around it, for instance: 

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